Destination vs. Local: Which Wedding Is Best For Us?

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It's peak wedding season! As wedding season approaches, newly-engaged couples must now make a few decisions, like when to get married and where. Between dozens of opinions from loved ones, and the cost of having a wedding, it’s tough to choose a location and venue. This decision becomes more challenging if you’re struggling to choose between getting married at home or abroad.

Beachy, destination weddings are becoming especially popular, however they are simply not a good fit for everyone. It all depends on the couple and what they are looking for on their special day. Let’s examine the pros and cons of each so you can make the best decision for you and your fiancée.

Destination Weddings


  • You and your guests will feel as though you are on vacation from the moment you arrive at your chosen destination, which will only add to an amazing wedding experience.
  • You can create a more intimate wedding by inviting only your closest friends and family members to help celebrate your love.
  • You get to extend your wedding celebration over the span of a couple days instead of rushing to fit it in a few short hours.
  • A destination wedding can double as your honeymoon! Budgeting for your honeymoon can be a struggle, especially after wedding expenses. By combining them, you don’t have to worry about saving for a separate trip.


  • There will be more planning and communicating leading up to the big day. You’re essentially hosting a mini vacation for you and your guests, so be prepared to answer a bunch of questions from anything about flights and transportation to excursions that are offered. Another option is to use a travel agent and refer your friends and family to that person to help with their accommodations and answer questions.
  • Attending a destination wedding is a big commitment, leading to some guests having to opt out of the trip due to work, family, health or other reasons. In addition, some guests may not be able to afford the trip. You may miss certain friends and family members will not be able to attend for these reasons, so this is something to take into consideration.
  • Gifts should never be a main reason for deciding on a wedding location. However, you must understand that by hosting a destination wedding you may receive fewer and smaller wedding gifts, especially from those who spent money on airfare and accommodations just to be there.

Local Weddings


  • By staying local, you will be able to see the venue in person before committing to it. You’ll also be able to make sure it has everything you desire before your big day.
  • There’s less risk of people not being able to come, meaning you can have your closest friends and family in attendance.
  • More guests means more gifts. The gift is seen as a token of affection for the newly married couple, so staying local means you can be showered with more love and gifts.
  • You will have the ability to have greater involvement in wedding planning, meaning having the opportunity to support local vendors and have your choice of caterers, florist and photographers.


  • Your wedding date will be greatly influenced by weather. For example, if you desire an outdoor wedding but you live you New York City, you’ll have to wait until winter passes.
  • Having a local wedding means more people will be able to come, which can also lead to a more expensive wedding. You might have to cut down the guest list, which can be difficult when not trying to not hurt feelings.
  • If your decision comes down to costs, you might be surprised to learn that weddings closer to home tend to be more expensive than a destination wedding.

Whichever option you choose, remember to stop at some point during the reception just to take it all in. Enjoy it and try to remember as much as you can because the day will be over before you know it, and you'll want your memories to last a lifetime.



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