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Fall Closet Clean Out

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Crisp fall air is on its way, which means it’s time to make another seasonal wardrobe change. It’s time to trade out the shorts and summer dresses for cardigans and boots. Check out some tips to prep your closet for the cooler weather.

Clean Out Your Closet
Cleaning out your closet may seem like a no-brainer, but it is important when sorting your closet for the upcoming seasons. Separate your clothes into three piles:

Keep - The keep pile are the items you could still wear in the fall and winter months. These are the clothes that you love and can still get plenty of wear out of in the upcoming months. Organize this pile in a way that best suits you and put them at the top of your outfit list for the fall.

Donate - How many of us have trouble getting rid of belongings because we feel like we might wear them sometime in the future? When is it time to get rid of that dress you wore on New Year’s six years ago? Ditch the items that no longer serve you and make space for the new. Be honest about your assessment on each piece. If you haven’t worn it in at least a year, it is time to let them bring joy to someone else.

Store - This is the pile where you love the outfits, however, they are only meant for the spring and summer months. Put them in the “store” pile and say goodbye to them until the seasons change.

Organize Your Closet
A well-organized closet will save you time and energy. With the bulk of winter clothes, it can make storage more difficult. Get creative about storing sweaters, jeans, heavier dresses and boots. Try storing boots in their original boxes (plastic containers work well too) on the floor or on a shelf. Keep flats, sneakers and booties in cubbies or on shelves to help free up floor space for boot storage.

The way you organize your closet depends on your preference. You can arrange by category such as blazers, blouses, shirts, denim, trousers and so on. If that doesn’t suit your organization style, then try arranging your clothes by color. Start from light to dark or even color coordinate them throughout your closet. Another simple organization style is to separate work clothes from casual wear. Simply arrange your closet based on your lifestyle and make sure the space you have can accommodate it all.

Store Summer Clothes the Right Way
Storing seasonal clothing may seem like a simple task. Just throw them in a bin and call it a day, right? There are some major mistakes with this thinking that can ultimately harm your clothing. Before putting your clothes up for storage, make sure they are washed. This will get rid of dirt and grime that might be lingering on the fabric, as well as will prevent discoloration and keep your clothes smelling fresh throughout the winter.

An important safety measure to take when storing clothes is to decide whether to fold or hang. Most summer clothing like shorts, tank tops, sundresses, and more can be folded and stored throughout the winter. However, more delicate items may need to be stored in garment bags. It’s a smart idea to invest in storage containers as they can create more space and organization. However, don’t over-pack containers because that could damage the clothes you’re storing and possibly cause rips in the seams. If you are running out of room and don’t have any storage bins left, try rolling up items before stashing them away. It saves space and prevents wrinkles, similar to when you are trying pack efficiently [link to article about packing in the travel section]. That’s a win-win!

Now that you have some good tips to prepare you for fall cleaning, head to your closet, purge all your old clothes and get ready to have plenty of space for fall’s latest trends.




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