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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

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Winter weather will be here before you know it, so now is a good time to prepare your home for winter. Because of the temperature changes, weather conditions and your home’s age, seasonal maintenance is important to prevent big problems. Here’s a helpful to-do to get you started:

  • Check your roof and gutters - Is your roof missing shingles or do you need to make any minor repairs? Now’s the time! Also, check your gutters and remove any leaves, dirt or debris.
  • Clean or change your furnace filters - This will help extend the life of your home's central air system and help provide a healthier environment in your home.
  • Check all your indoor and outdoor vents - Make sure your vents are open and not blocked by any furniture. As for your attic vents, make sure they are free of leaves and debris. If this is your first winter in the home, you will want to make sure your attic insulation is not covering any of the ventilation system.
  • Drain your hot water heater - Doing so can help keep sediments from building up in the tank and help you determine if there’s any rust developing – (you can tell by the color of the water). If there’s a brown or red tint to your water, the water heater may need to be replaced.
  • Replace or repair leaky faucets - Left as they are, these can lead to broken water pipes, which is something you don’t want in the dead of winter. Making minor repairs before they turn into big ones can save you money in the long run.
  • Check your home’s windows and doors for drafts - Look at the windows and exterior doors in the house. Do you see light or feel drafts? Check the seals and caulking around the frames. If you have a window that is extremely drafty, think about hanging heavier drapes or buy a window kit for drafty windows to keep your heating bill manageable.
  • Empty your garden hose - If the water in your garden hose freezes it can cause the hose to expand and tear. It's best to disconnect them from the spigots and store them inside.
  • Remove the fuel from your gas-powered summer lawn equipment - If fuel remains in a piece of equipment for an extended period of time, there’s a chance that the fuel line could become clogged.
  • Trim any potentially dangerous tree limbs - Look for limbs close to your home that could collapse under the weight of snow or ice and cause damage to your roof, windows, siding or a car in the driveway. 
  • Give the inside of your home a deep cleaning  Similar to spring cleaning, consider fall cleaningtohelp remove dust and dirt that can circulate through your home during the winter. This includes shampooing your carpets, cleaning behind your fridge and stove, and cleaning your curtains and drapes.

Maintaining your home properly can save you time and money in the long run. You'll be glad you put in the extra work so you can avoid costly emergency repairs later on.


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