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Fire Pit Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

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Who doesn’t love the sweet smell of bonfires? A fire pit is great because it satisfies cravings for campfire food in your own backyard such as roasted hotdogs, s’mores and so much more! Not only does a fire pit provide some family fun, it also has a visual appeal that enhances the aesthetic of the backyard landscape.

Although they can be enjoyable, and a popular activity for the summer or fall, there are also some terrible things that could happen when using a fire pit if you aren’t careful. Before you light up a blaze, reacquaint yourself with a few basic fire pit safety tips.

Where To Place Your Pit. Before deciding where to place your fire pit, you need to determine whether you will be installing a permanent pit or purchasing a portable one. Once you decide, you must determine where to place it. Fire pits should be a minimum of ten feet away from your house and surrounded by non-flammable surfaces like concrete, gravel, brick or stone. It should also be in a place where there are no overhanging branches. Finally, avoid placing it under covered porches or deck.

Pick Your Fuel. Make sure to use good fuel to light your fire pit. If your pit is gas fueled, read the manufacturer’s instructions to find the fuel you should use. If you have a wood burning fire pit, choosing the right wood is very important because the wrong material (like plywood) could release toxic fumes. As tempting as it might be to use fuel accelerants like lighter fluid to grow a fire quickly, it’s also a sure way to have to pull out the fire extinguisher just as fast.

Be Ready To Extinguish The Flames. Always keep a shovel, dirt and water nearby. You can use the water to drench the fire and use the shovel to smother the flames with the dirt.  In case of a real emergency, have a fire extinguisher with a Class A rating nearby. If you don’t have one, purchasing one would be a smart thing to do.

Each city or municipality has ordinances or restrictions that govern fire pits. Before installing a fire pit, check to make sure you are following those regulations.

Now that you know how to safely enjoy your fire pit, get the most out of it! Relax, tell stories and get the s’mores ready!

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